Indigo Designs Co.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a thriving, collaborative community of conscious, creative makers & artists - dedicated to building meaningful relationships and a positive impact on the lives of individuals through their unique, artistic pursuits. 

About Us

Indigo Designs Co. is much more than just your friendly, eclectic retail space. Founded by local artist Amanda Skye - it’s a community,

a kaleidoscope of inspiring, artistic individuals from every corner.

We are your colourful, cosy oasis to immerse in the inspirationally rich stream of artist's & makers flowing through our space.

A place to indulge in artisanal handmade goods, furnishings & fine art. We are your home-away from home that ignites your inner magic through the tales expressed through the artist's eyes. 

We regularly host events with and for the community, including workshops & inspirational events.

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